The power of Youth and Volunteerism!


I am a youth amongst almost 67 % of whole Pakistani population. So I will surely focus my blog about youth. In my point of view Youth are like the running water that can tore any hard rock coming its way. Youth are a supremacy that can really make a difference in any circumstances. Youth are the backbone of any country. With this high percentage we should not forget there is a chance of either falling to dark results of failure or the golden opportunity towards success. It’s not only up to the State of Pakistan who will provide a right path to the young generation but a lot of that responsibility depends upon youth’s shoulders itself.

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal thoughts about youth:

“Your world is (only) the one which you create yourself, not these stones and bricks, which are in sight”

“I have love for those youngsters who pull the stars down”

These are the lighted words of our National poet, a great philosopher, a great leader and a great Muslim. If we only follow them then no doubt we will not be the one what we are. We will be a responsible citizen as well as successful person.

Now what to do to change the Youth’s attitude & behavior for success? This is a very important question that doesn’t belong to youth only but to whole Pakistan’s prosperity.

Youth should be the agents of behavioral change to bring a change in society. It’s only possible if they bring change in themselves first then they can influence others with their positive attitude and behavior.

Attitudes can change majorly through personal contributions to Pakistani society by the youth and adult population of Pakistan. Attitudes grow in and make trends and these trends get so deep rooted in the society that it is very difficult to change them. Societies are not perfect. Why? Because the wrong attitudes continue to be experienced without curious, without the willingness to bring change, without thinking about improvement and without reflection.

We all have to do something for this uncountable power of youth. Youth are the future of Pakistan.

Experience is something that you collect, a one valuable asset. Experience is neither good nor bad. It is just Experience. It is a result of growth. Pass your experience to those who will mostly likely be involved in benefitting from it. Pass it to children, youngsters and the youth. Adult learning in our society is not appreciated. Change that. You don’t have to give classes and trainings to achieve this. When you meet some-one casually, at parties or other gatherings, bring up the discussion. You will find changes in yourself within some days.

Media needs to focus more on airing free programs such as distance learning and adult learning to bring about change by discussions, by free sessions on TV focusing on changing societal attitudes in Pakistan to build cognitive and intellectual skills of Youth. They should invite youth from all segments of life in a roundtable conference or a show and let them discuss about issues. Go ahead and AIR ON their discussions so that the one who are in power and the one who are in dark can come to know our thoughts.

Volunteers and councilors can set up free courses by asking the youth of the area to participate to educate the women in their area making them realize the importance of building a child’s wide-ranging comprehensive abilities. Volunteers should inspire others with their good work. Volunteerism is a great spirit that can really make difference.

Teachers should encourage students to ask questions during lessons and also ask students analytical and opinion based questions at the end of the lecture.

Adults should encourage youth to ask questions not vice versa. And the youth should also remember to ask questions with respect for elders in mind.

Make the youth in the society realize that bringing a change towards a positive direction is essential. Letting go of old ideals and attitudes is very difficult but reflecting on them will make them realize that they are wrong. Positive learning to change mindset is as important as youth’s change of perspective and realization of a collective vision and drive.

Volunteer is any person who helps others without any personal gain and profit. One of my favorite saying about Volunteerism is:

“Volunteers are non-paid not because they are worthless,

It’s just because they are priceless”.

I request youth of Pakistan to volunteer yourselves for your own future and save Pakistan from these corrupt ‘political robbers’. I used this term because I have serious concerns on them due to their character showed to fool the nation by them. They are the one who ruins the future of youth. They are just exploiting youth for their political benefits. What are we youth getting from them?? Any benefit as individual or as a whole??

This is not a one handed show. We all have to contribute our part for a positive change within ourselves and a country that blessed us with so many things. Humans have the power to influence, power to reason, power to bring about positive change. We should focus on how to change attitudes to build intellectual and leadership abilities.

In the end, as they say the only constant in life is change. Change is happening the very moment I am writing this, the very moment you are reading it. But to determine the direction of change, whether positive or negative is in our capacity and on the shoulders of the youth of Pakistan. Actions can bring attitude change and over a period of time, the change would be visible and measureable in the form of a trend. Be the Trend setter, be the change. Act Now for this is the only moment you have. Live the moment, they will be memmories tomorrow.

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