Gender Equality: End Violence against Women!

                                         The first thing which comes in my mind when I hear “Violence against Women” is injustice, cruelty and an act which will destroy generations. It hurts me badly. To me it is brutality, butchery and barberry against one of the greatest creation of the God. A woman is mother, sister, wife, daughter or a girlfriend. How can we go to that extreme level to disrespect all the relations a woman might have and torture her mentally or physically? My souls trembles when I hear and as I am writing this, tears flows down my eyes while thinking about millions of the women being victimized because of this violence every day. No one even comes to know about that, as it is most of time not reported. Violence against women is not only a crime but it’s a serious disrespect towards humanity and the core values of civilization. It is humiliation, disgrace, dishonor, degradation and embarrassment against the name of passion, love, care, enmity, adoration and affection. To me, it is a barrier against the advancement and success of a woman. To me, it discourages the greatness and motivation of a woman who can achieve a good rank in society. It is a bad example and an act against nature because I believe God made man and woman for Love, care and affection not for torture or violence. Violence against women is a worst thing one can do to terrorize, victimize, isolate, coerce or threaten humanity. One of the greatest barriers to women’s economic progression is violence that women have to face routinely.

Violence against woman

Violence against woman

                                                                                                                Photo Credit: White Ribbon

The status of women in Pakistan varies considerably across classes, regions, and the rural/urban divide due to uneven socio-economic development and the impact of tribal, feudal, and capitalist social formations on women’s lives. The Pakistani women of today enjoy a better status than most Muslim women. However, there are many areas especially rural areas where women are being discriminated on the basis of gender. They are usually being victimized.  Some of the very weirdest customs are being in practised from very long. They are comprised of dogmatic beliefs.

I will share my personal experience during a workshop in Pakistan where participants came from different part of Pakistan. One of the participants from Baluchistan shared her point of views about discrimination against women. She said,

Virginity of women is being checked by husband on the first night by a white bed sheet. If there is a blood drops on the bed sheet after their first sexual intercourse. It will mean that the woman is not virgin and she will be killed instantly without even provided no chance to answer this. Not only this, the miserable thing is that, Police will not register any FIR on this case. The victimized woman and her family will always live in dark even without knowing the actual reason. There may be different certain reasons for that, but who will listen them? No one indeed.”

A society cannot be completed without woman whether she is mother, daughter, wife or any other relative to a man. Islam has given women a special respect but unluckily, in tribal and rural societies, they are being victimized in the name of customs and traditions. It is true that woman is being a victim of violence in many part of country like was adopted with them in era of illiteracy.

Karo Kari, Wanni and Watta Satta are heartless and inhuman customs. Women are being victims of gang rapes, domestic violence, human trafficking, forced labour and other dirty businesses like prostitution etc. These brutalities on women are not only violation of Islamic teachings and principles of Justice but have also become a major hurdle in socio-economic growth of the country and that will always bring darkness only.



There must be some concrete steps needed to eradicate this malicious word “Violence” from our society as below:

  • All draconian traits and dogmatic beliefs like “Karokari, Wanni, Watta-satta etc” must be abolished in the first place. These dogmatic beliefs comprises on insanity.
  • Awareness Programs must be launched to aware the value of women especially in rural areas or less developed area which is usually ruled by feudal lords.
  • Create more job opportunities for women. Support women ownership.
  • Stop discrimination and gender biases.
  • Make strict laws on women exploitation. One should be punished for eve teasing and domestic abuse/violence. Report every incident. Provide free legal assistance to victims.
  • Encourage women participation in all walks of life. Educate and aware them about their rights.
  • Provide women a safe socio-economic and education environment.
  • Ensure Justice and give proper protection to women.
  • Stop forced and child marriages.
  • All types of domestic violence like physical, emotional, sexual, economical must be stopped either by force (legislations) or by proper education.
  • There need to be added some chapter/course in curriculum of the education which aware, educate and motivate students from beginning against the violence.
  • The main thing is changing the mindsets. No religion preaches violence, and that’s what needs to be told to everyone clearly and precisely by effective awareness/Education.I will conclude with my quote:

“If you educate, empower and stop violence against a woman, you love a better future for your own generations.” ~Syed Mahmood Kazmi


  1. this is right fact which are above written there are many dead bodies when first night male meet his wife and not find blood on white sheet they killed her and pack in that white sheet and through in river , we want to change this tradtion there are many medical reason behind this fisrt time sex some women are so strong it not come blood in fisrt sex its fact

  2. It is a pleasure seeing young men as yourself fighting for gender equality, I think the following solutions you state are the most viable:
    Provide women a safe socio-economic and education environment.
    Ensure Justice and give proper protection to women.
    Great Job, let’s partner!

  3. Syed, thank you for your courage in taking a stand against violence against women. The world needs young men like yourself leading a new charge against ancient traditions of discrimination, exploitation, abuse and killing of women and girls. Keep going!

  4. Thank you Dear Syed Mahmood Kazmi for leading us and being a great advocate for the Gender Equality around the World. Thank you so much for everything. May God give us power to reshape the world. Thanks for leading from the front.

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