EXCLUSIVE on CNN: Syed Mahmood Kazmi on Youth Assembly at UN

On February 5th and 6th BIG event took place! The Youth Assembly at the United Nations held a conference on “Bridging the Gap between Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment” at the UN Headquarters in New York City. The 2-day conference was the place where youth delegates from all over the world gathered to learn, network and exchange ideas surrounding social innovation, social entrepreneurship and youth empowerment. Speakers included leaders such as: Ahmad Alhendawi (UN Secretary General’s Envoy for Youth), Zeenat Rahman (Secretary John Kerry’s Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues), Stacy Martinet (CMO of Mashable), Francesca Covey (Strategic Partner & Manager of Politics at Facebook), Allison Baller (Global Leader and Mobile Payments at IBM) and more.

It was great honour for me to speak at the side workshop of the Youth Assembly at the UN. I have also got the great opportunity to meet the young people from different parts of the world personally, sharing ideas and experiences for the promotion of cooperation and collaboration among the youth of advanced countries, developing countries and third world countries.


The youth makes a huge percentage of the total world population and it is the youth that should take more firmly the leadership role. The world was talking about the post 2015 agenda. The young people have to understand their responsibilities of not only drafting the agenda and making their voice heard, but also by implementing the agenda. 500 youth delegates from +50 countries gathered at the UN platform and discussed the future of the MDGs and how can they play the positive role to make it happen, promoting diversity and peace and strengthening ties with their fellows around the world. It was an amazing experience.


Overall, there was a great energy in the room filled with our future leaders. It was amazing to imagine what they will end up doing to create change back in their own communities and beyond.


Special Thanks: Thank you CNN reporter Alexandra Rosenmann (@alexpreditor) on Twitter for covering my journey to the Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations  Headquarters in New York, USA


Video report at:

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