Youth Leader

Providing assistance to disable persons.


Syed Mahmood Kazmi always tried to serve humanity and lead from the front. There are different situations came in his life when he was stuck with the massive troubles and communities was calling him to play a positive role. He never disappointed them, accepting the call and bring social change. Syed Mahmood Kazmi is working as Emergency Response Team Leader in Pakistan Red Crescent Society, provides First Aid and Search & Rescue to the people in emergencies or disasters.

As Emergency Response Team Leader providing first Aid to victims.

He believes whatever the situation would be, we should always ready to serve our countrymen to bring a positive change in the society. We should build our capacity to work in communities. Syed Mahmood Kazmi believes, “Saving one life is equal to saving whole Humanity”. He is an blunt advocate of volunteerism and human rights and always demand same opportunities e for deprived communities within the fields of education, health, poverty, youth development, et cetera. Syed Mahmood Kazmi always believe in constructive role in the society. His personal goal is to develop lasting Young leaders by building the leadership skills of young people who in turn will influence their sectors in society positively, thereby securing the future of our nation. The Change can only  come within, because charity begins at home first.

Syed Mahmood Kazmi in National Event of PRCS

Mr. Kazmi believes in learning skills and building capacity to lead others from front. He has gained many trainings from different organizations and practised the learned skills successfully in the communities.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan:

Syed Mahmood Kazmi is serving Youth parliament of Pakistan as Young Parliamentarian involving in different Youth led projects for developing leadership skills and engage youth in positive activities. He makes sure the involvement of Youth in all levels of decision making process and strengthening democracy in Pakistan.

Pakistan Red Crescent Society:

He is senior Volunteer of Pakistan Red Crescent Society, a humanitarian organization working for humanity from the beginning of Pakistan. He served as Emergency Response Team leader, President of Youth Club, Volunteer and Youth coordinator from 2008 to present. During this time, Syed Mahmood Kazmi provided his voluntary service in different disasters like floods, land sliding  IDPs issue and different  regional and domestic emergency situations.

Speaking at Awareness sessions on Child Rights | Human Rights







As a Writer..

Mr. Kazmi has been writing for the Challenge FutureItalian First Foreign Policy Magazine, The Post InternazionaleThe News InternationalA Safe World for Women Campaign on many Youth Issues, Women Empowerment, Human Rights, Child Labor and Peace Initiatives.

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